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Renew Your Mortgage

The decision to renew you current mortgage is not one to be made lightly. Renewing your mortgage is as significant a financial decision as when you selected your original mortgage.

As you renew your mortgage you are clearly in a better financial situation than you were during the process of applying for your last one. This is due to the amount your home’s equity has grown over time. You have also considerably reduced the principal loan amount through monthly payments. This puts you in a more comfortable position to negotiate the best deal for your current situation.

A great many individuals do not take the time to consider all of the financially rewarding opportunities out there and just renew their existing, out of date mortgage. Without taking a look at how the mortgage has changed over the years, or taking into account the amount of equity they have amassed is careless. The unfortunate result of this situation is that a lot of people are paying unfair rates that are no longer suited to their current financial status.

It is our hope that you are able to benefit from our years of experience operating in the Canadian mortgage industry. With our combined decades of knowledge in the business, we can get you the most out of your mortgage renewal. This can free your money from your existing mortgage and allow you to pay off outstanding debts, clear some credit card balances, make some touch ups to your home… And a great deal more.

This can all be made possible by getting in touch with the Expert Mortgage team. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best out of your money.